Israel Bueno de Almeida

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Biografia de Israel Bueno de Almeida

Instrumentalist, arranger and composer Israel Bueno de Almeira was born in São Paulo and mainly performs with the oldest instrumental group in the city, “Izaias e seus Chorões.” Israel combines his experience in Brazilian popular music to his classical training in classical guitar he obtained at “Conservatório Dramático e Musical de São Paulo.” He appeared in recordings of about twenty LPs and CDs, as instrumentalist and arranger with the most important musicians of Brazil.

Albums featuring Israel Bueno de Almeida's participation

  1. Easy tunes (songbook)
  2. Ernesto Nazareth 3 (songbook)
  3. The best of Ernesto Nazareth (CD)
  4. Altamiro Carrilho - 2nd edition (songbook)
  5. Waldir Azevedo 1 (songbook)
  6. Waldir Azevedo 2 (songbook)
  7. Chiquinha Gonzaga - 2nd edition (songbook)
  8. Izaias do Bandolim: Chorando na Garoa (songbook)
  9. Pixinguinha in counterpoint vol. 1 (songbook)
  10. Pixinguinha for flute and sax (CD)