Altamiro Carrilho - 2nd edition

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13 songs★★

About this album

The series “Classics of the Brazilian Choro – You are the Soloist!” enables you to discover the Choro style through the incomparable experience of performing the compositions yourself, accompanied by a Choro Ensemble.

Each volume of the series features a famous composer of this amazing music style, including his/her main compositions in a digitally-mastered audio CD and a high-quality printed music book with the corresponding C, Bb and Eb scores, as well as interviews, biography, and relevance of the author to the history of Choro.

Using the CD, listen to the complete stereo tracks (with soloists) for your reference. Tune your instrument (flute, sax, clarinet or mandolin) using the tuning notes. Now have fun being the soloist, using the accompaniment tracks featuring a leading Choro Ensemble from Brazil.

Now you can play along with your own "Choro Ensemble," which will always be there for you, whether at home, on the road or at the beach.

Have fun and good training!


  1. Aeroporto do Galeão
    Daniel Allain (flute)
  2. Beija-Flor
    Antonio Rocha (flute)
  3. Bem Brasil
    Altamiro Carrilho (flute)
  4. Caco de Vidro
    Marcelo Bernardes (flute)
  5. Flauteando na Chacrinha
    Eduardo Neves (flute)
  6. Frevinho Carioca
    Altamiro Carrilho (flute)
  7. Guaracy
    Toninho Carrasqueira (flute)
  8. Não Resta a Menor Dúvida
    Mário Sève (flute)
  9. O Chorinho do Rodrigo
    Dirceu Leite (flute)
  10. Pra Tia Amélia
    Carlos Malta (flute)
  11. Rio Antigo
    Leonardo Miranda (flute)
  12. Vivaldino
    Dudu (flute)
  13. Pinguinho de Gente
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)


Collection Classics of the Brazilian Choro [You are the soloist!]
Repertoire 13 songs
Includes 1 CD with 13 songs with soloists, 1 tuning track and 16 backing tracks
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭ | E♭ E♭
Level of difficulty ★★ intermediate
Size 9 x 12 in
Number of pages 112
Weight 1.18 lbs
Presentation saddle wire
ISBN 978-85-64726-07-9



Choro ensemble

Choro ensemble (track 13)


1st edition

Song Measure Current: Change to:
Aeroporto do Galeão 8 Gm9 Gm7
9 Gm9 Gm7
12 Bb7 Bb
18 F9, F9, F9 F6(9), F6(9), F6(9)
37 D7 C7
Beija-Flor 7 G7/F G/F
36 C C, C7
39 F, D7 F
42 Gm7 C7
47 F, D7/F# D7/F#
Bem Brasil 2 Dm6, E7 Dm/B, E7
9 Dm6 E7
19 Bb, E7 Bb7, E7
40 CMaj7, Dm6 Dmaj7, Dm6
41 AMaj7, Ddim Amaj7, Cdim
43 Em, Eb6 Em7, Eb7(9)
45 C#7(13), C#7(11) C#7(13), C#7(b13)
54 FMaj7, G#7 Fmaj7, G#maj7
Caco de Vidro 5 Fdim G#dim
27 Bm, A7 Bm, Bb7, A7
33 Edim C/E
34 Gdim C#dim
33 Edim C/E
34 Gdim C#dim
Flauteando na Chacrinha 6 Bb Bb7
50 D, A7 D
Frevinho Carioca 9 Gm, CMaj7 Gm, C7
24 FM7, G#dim G#dim
25 G9 Gm7
29 Bb7 Bb
32 A7 A7, Bb7, A7
Guaracy 50 C7 F
52 F
Não Resta a Menor Dúvida 9 Fm6 Fm/D
16 Gdim Edim
22 C, CMaj7/B C, C/B
23 C6/A, C/G C/A, C/G
27 Dm6/B, Dm/A Dm/B, Dm/A
28 G7, G7/F G7, G/F
30 C, CMaj7/B C, C/B
35 CMaj7 C
38 Cm, Db7(9) Cm, G7
O Chorinho do Rodrigo 14 C C, Am
18 C7 C7, C/Bb
32 G7(9), Gb7(9), F7(9) G7(9), Gb7(9), F6(9)
37 Fm/Ab, G9, C9 Fm/Ab, G9, C6(9)
38 C9 C6(9)
Pra Tia Amélia 10 Gm A/G, A7/C#
11 Dm Dm, A7, Dm
23 Dm Dm, D7/F#
26 Gm, A A7/E
31 D, D#dim
39 D9, D7 D, D/C
41 Em9, Fdim Gmaj7, G#dim
42 D D/A, B7

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