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Now you can record your own CD!

All you have to do is buy the background tracks recorded by Choro Music featuring the best Brazilian Choro Ensembles.

The selection of the Ensemble made up of the best musicians, arrangements, harmonization, recordings, mixing, and mastering of the songs is ready for you to be the soloist of your very own CD! Buy now!

See what can be done using Choro Music backing tracks...!

Licensing options

Record your own Choro CD using Global Choro Music background tracks.

Grab and keep your audience’s attention! Have your CDs ready to distribute easily at the best and most inexpensive way! Get a license of any Choro Music catalog item to make a compact disc recording featuring you with your very own Choro ensemble in the background.

What a value when you think of the costs involved with hiring players, arrangers and scheduling studio time. Showcase your best efforts by taking advantage of being able to record with unchanging tracks, record until you get the best version and are happy with finished product.

Licensing fees for making personal recordings shall be based on a flat fee of $100.00 per music track from Global Choro Music Corporation, regardless of the duration of the track.

Fees are payable in advance via credit card: Visa or MasterCard - call 1-877-CHORO4U (246-7648) to complete your purchase. To pay by mail, send your check or money order to:

Global Choro Music Corporation
859 Corporate Way
Fremont, CA 94539

A maximum of 1,000 copies may be made under our usual terms and conditions. It is understood between Global Choro Music and you that (i) these rights are not transferable to third parties; (ii) the license shall be valid for a period of five years; and (iii) beyond the five-year initial term, all rights to these copyrighted tracks shall revert to Global Choro Music Corporation.

A sell-off period for CDs beyond the initial five-year period may be negotiated upon permission of Global Choro Music Corporation.

Please contact us for larger initial press runs.

Available composers for this product are: Ernesto Nazareth, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Jacob do Bandolim, Severino Araujo, Altamiro Carrilho, Pixinguinha, Zequinha de Abreu, Joaquim Callado, Marquinho Mendonça and our complete catalog.

Prior to your usage approval of our tracks, please submit the requested information indicated below:

Please submit the following via email to, letter or fax (Global Choro Music Corporation, 859 Corporate Way, Fremont, CA 94539 or fax 510-657-2465):

1. List of track title(s) with corresponding series title.

2. How will the track(s) be used?
Recording for sale?
Demo use?
Please include details.

3. Your full legal name, address, phone, fax number if applicable and your email address. This will assist in replying to your questions promptly.

Upon receipt of your order (track titles, etc) including prepayment for the complete order, a paid invoice will be issued with a contract outlining the usages listed above.

For public performances: Please write us for information, listing all details of use requested.

For commercial applications such as advertising, TV, radio and film usage, please contact us. Provide specific written details as to the desired usage, for we have special fees for commercial applications.