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Musician Paulo Pascali Jr. used the backing track of the song “Vibrações” by Jacob do Bandolim to make this most beautiful recording using tenor and soprano sax.. Click to listen.

I studied flute with João Dias Carrasqueira and Marcelo Mig, saxophone with Roberto Sion, Mané Silveira, Prandini and Chico Guedes, and composition and conducting at the Santa Marcelina College. I acted as instrumentalist in the theater plays "Cirano de Bergerac," with Antonio Fagundes and "Vida de Artista," with Débora Duarte, as well as composer and musical director in the plays "Biedermann e os incendiários," by Marx Flisch, and "Macbeth," with Vanda Stefania. I recorded several of the Som Brasil shows, took part in shows with Gian and Giovani, Antonio Carlos Nobrega, Léo Jaime, Tião Carvalho, Suzana Salles, Adyel Silva, Grupo Nomad and the São Paulo Soul Orchestra. I was a member of the group Cafe Jam, with whom I recorded three CDs, one of which (the Moio- Ritmic Space) was released in the US and Europe by the Malandro Records label. In took part in the CDs "Chico Buarque Instrumental," "O ouvido das Canções," "Cancioneiro," "Músico," "Asas," and "Caminhos." I teach sax and flute, and I’ve been playing for a long time in several bars in São Paulo, always with leading musicians.

Currently I’m developing some choro works with Ítalo Peron (7-string-guitar), Fábio Peron (mandolin), Cláudio Duarte (guitar), Mineiro (guitar), Rui Weber (7-string guitar), Cidão (7-string guitar), Alexandre Moura (7-string guitar), Manuel Pacífico (percussion), Artur (percussion) and Pimpa (percussion). I put on musical shows and planning of events accompanied by an instrumental group with a singer, a trio, a duet or even alone.

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