Pixinguinha for flute and sax

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About this album

The CD “Pixinguinha for flute and saxophone” brings the genius of Pixinguinha’s music, along with a selection of his most popular compositions soloed by flutes and saxophones, and accompanied by a first-class ensemble..

All tracks of this CD are available in play-versions, so that you can play along with the songbook Pixinguinha Vol. 1.


  1. A Vida é um Buraco
    Dudu Oliveira (flute)
  2. Desprezado
    Carlos Malta (flute) and Leonardo Miranda (flute)
  3. Devagar e Sempre Benedito Lacerda & Pixinguinha
    Daniel Allain (flute) and Teco Cardoso (tenor saxophone)
  4. Diplomata
    Eduardo Neves (flute) and Franklin da Flauta (flute)
  5. Displicente
    Antonio Rocha (flute) and Daniela Spielmann (tenor saxophone)
  6. Gargalhada
    Antonio Rocha (flute)
  7. Gorjeando
    Teco Cardoso (flute)
  8. Grelando
    Franklin da Flauta (flute)
  9. Joaquim virou Padre
    Daniela Spielmann (tenor saxophone), Daniel Dalarossa (flute), Marcelo Bernardes (flute) and Dirceu Leite (flute)
  10. Cinco Companheiros
    Andrea Ernest Dias (flute) and Mário Sève (flute)
  11. Recordações
    Andrea Ernest Dias (flute)
  12. Sentimento Oculto
    Toninho Carrasqueira (flute), Léa Freire (flute) and Daniel Dalarossa (flute)


Collection Classics of the Brazilian Choro [You are the soloist!]
Repertoire 12 songs
Includes 1 CD
Code 789.006.014.504-8



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