The best of Ernesto Nazareth

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About this album

“Classics of the Brazilian Choro - The Best of Ernesto Nazareth” brings the excellence of Nazareth music, with a selection of his most popular compositions (two of which unpublished) soloed on the flute, mandolin, sax and clarinet, and accompanied by the Edmilson Capelupi and Israel Bueno Choro Ensembles. The CD also brings the composition "Ideal," recorded for the first time since its original publication in 1905.

All tracks of the CD are available in play along version, so you can also play with the songbooks Ernesto Nazareth Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3.


  1. Ameno Resedá
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  2. Bambino
    Daniela Spielmann (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
  3. Atlântico
    Nailor Proveta (clarinet)
  4. Apanhei-te, Cavaquinho!
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
  5. Brejeiro
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  6. Zizinha
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
  7. Odeon
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
  8. Confidências
    Toninho Carrasqueira (flute)
  9. Labirinto
    Milton Mori (mandolin)
  10. Expansiva
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
  11. Escorregando
    Luca Raele (clarinet)
  12. Gaúcho
    Toninho Carrasqueira (flute)
  13. Tenebroso
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
  14. Ouro Sobre Azul
    Daniela Spielmann (soprano saxophone)
  15. Ideal
    Daniel Allain (flute)
  16. Batuque
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)


Collection Classics of the Brazilian Choro [You are the soloist!]
Repertoire 16 songs
Includes 1 CD
Code 789.006.014.502-4



Choro ensemble (tracks 3, 9, 12, 15)

Choro ensemble (other tracks)