Noel Rosa 2 [instrumental]

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About this album

It's almost 90 years since Noel Rosa's death, and we still see a gap in publications and recordings when it comes to Noel Rosa's music in purely instrumental form.

We conceived the publications in the “Noel Rosa instrumental” series in order to achieve the following objectives:

- To honor Noel Rosa's memory by recording and publishing his main hits from established arrangements, all in instrumental form.

- To document historical arrangements with transcriptions of melody, countermelody, bass and various improvisations. This is the case with Jacob do Bandolim's improvisations on the live recordings with Elizeth Cardoso and Dino 7-cordas, which until now had never been transcribed and published. In this volume 2 we have transcribed and performed the countermelody improvisations by Carlos Poyares, Orlando Silveira, Benedicto Lacerda, Jacob do Bandolim and Radamés Gnatalli, among others.

- Allow musicians, students and amateurs to play Noel Rosa's main compositions on their instruments. We generated different versions of the same audio, removing solos and countermelodies so that you can play each part.

Another objective of this work was to dedicate short solo improvisation sessions to various songs in this songbook, which have been transcribed into separate scores so that they can be used as a reference.

The improvisation sessions are indicated in the scores with slash notation, and the countermelodies have been removed from the playback tracks in these segments. All the solo improvisations, performed by the virtuoso clarinet player Alexandre Ribeiro, have been transcribed in dedicated scores.

The 7-string line, played by João Camarero, was also transcribed in a dedicated score.


  1. Até Amanhã
    Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet)
  2. Choro
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  3. Com que roupa?
    Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet)
  4. Conversa de Botequim Noel Rosa & Vadico
    Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet)
  5. Feitio de Oração Noel Rosa & Vadico
    Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet)
  6. Para Me Livrar do Mal Noel Rosa & Ismael Silva
    Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet)
  7. Três Apitos
    Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet)


Collection Classics of the Brazilian Samba
Repertoire 7 songs
Includes Downloadable audio files with 7 songs with soloists and 16 backing tracks
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭ | E♭ E♭
Size 8.3 x 11.7 in
Number of pages 174
Weight 1.45 lbs
Presentation hardcover
ISBN 978-85-64726-30-7



Choro ensemble in “Choro”

Choro ensemble in the other songs



Adaptations of well-known arrangements Daniel Dalarossa and Italo Peron
Revisions and harmony transcriptions Italo Peron
Transcriptions and score editing Daniel Dalarossa
Mixing and mastering Daniel Dalarossa
Recordings Beto Mendonça (Estúdio 185 – SP – March and April of 2024)