Italo Peron

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Biografia de Italo Peron

Italo Peron, musical producer, violinist, arranger and composer, has been working since 1980 on his own projects as well as those of other artists, including Paulo Vanzolini, Francis Hime, Carlinhos Vergueiro, Diana Pequeno and Robert Miranda, among others. Peron’s projects involve the creation, arrangement and recording of jingles, soundtracks and albums, and he’s completed over 200 titles. In 2009 he served as musical director for the Brazilian documentary Um Homem de Moral (‘A man of morals’), about the composer Paulo Vanzolini.

Albums featuring Italo Peron's participation

  1. Waldir Azevedo 1 (songbook)
  2. Waldir Azevedo 2 (songbook)
  3. Abel Ferreira (songbook)
  4. Pixinguinha in counterpoint vol. 1 (songbook)
  5. Noel Rosa 1 [instrumental] (songbook)
  6. Noel Rosa 2 [instrumental] (songbook)
  7. Pattápio Silva (songbook)