O choro de Luiz Gonzaga

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12 songs★★

About this album

“The Choro of Luiz Gonzaga” is an unprecedented project in that one of its central guiding principles was to divulge a lesser known facet of Luiz Gonzaga’s life, distancing him from his reputation as “The King of Baião.” Aside from his popular work and interpretation of Northeastern Brazilian musical genres, he was also an exemplary accordion soloist and composed instrumental pieces that are extremely valuable, despite being small in number.

This book is not only a one-of-a-kind reference for the study of Luiz Gonzaga’s choros and accordion technique, it also enables us to spread awareness about his works to students of wind instruments, with transpositions in B Flat and E Flat.

Good practice and have fun!


  1. Minha Serenata
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  2. Aquele Chorinho
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  3. Sanfonando
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  4. Araponga
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  5. Galo Garnizé
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  6. Bilu Bilu
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  7. Pingo Namorando
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  8. Xodó
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  9. Luar do Nordeste
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  10. Sabido
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  11. Catamilho na Festa
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)
  12. Treze de Dezembro
    Cleber Silveira (accordion)


Collection Others
Repertoire 12 songs
Includes 1 CD with 12 songs with soloists, 1 tuning track and 12 backing tracks
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭ | E♭ E♭
Level of difficulty ★★ intermediate
Size 9 x 12 in
Number of pages 92
Weight 0.88 lbs
Presentation saddle wire
ISBN 978-85-64726-03-1



“Regional Tupinambá”

Guest musicians in Sabido


Research, creation, elaboration, musical and general direction Paulo Serau
Executive production of the project Lucila Ferrini and Paulo Serau
Melody transcription and adaptation Cleber Silveira, Lucila Ferrini, Maik Oliveira and Paulo Serau
Arrangement transcription and adaptation Paulo Serau
Melody revision Cleber Silveira, Lucila Ferrini and Paulo Serau
Publishing of sheet music and arragement Jean Guilmer and Paulo Serau
Text Cleber Silveira and Paulo Serau
Recording, editing, mixing and mastering Estúdio 185 (São Paulo, SP, Brazil)