The complete works of Ernesto Nazareth - Critical edition - Vol. 1

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Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934) is one of the pillars of Brazilian music, increasingly recognized by the international community of musicians, researchers, and enthusiasts. His vast repertoire of 211 songs is now available in an unprecedented critical edition, organized in six volumes, accomplished through a meticulous review of autographed manuscripts and first editions. The review, based on rigorous musicological criteria, was done by pianists Alexandre Dias and Sara Cohen, experts in Ernesto Nazareth’s work who have done a great deal to preserve his memory.

All of the editorial changes are explained in the critical notes at the end of each volume, indicating the measures that were altered and including a musicological justification for each change. Certain editions of sheet music by Ernesto Nazareth and other Brazilian composers are known to contain a significant number of historical editorial mistakes. Our project aims to provide a reliable version of Nazareth’s works for musicians and researchers around the world. The musicological principles utilized for the review are explained in detailed introductory notes.

Each volume contains 36 compositions, chronologically arranged, so that the first volume focuses on the works of Nazareth’s youth, and the last on his most mature works. A glossary at the end of each volume explains the abbreviations used both in the critical notes and in the sheet music. All of the albums are bilingual, with texts in both Portuguese and English.

For this project, we had the indispensable support of biographer/heir Luiz Antonio de Almeida, who provided us with autographed manuscripts that were not present in other collections, the Moreira Salles Institute, who maintain the Ernesto Nazareth collection and who also provided us with access to all of the manuscripts in their possession, and the National Library, which maintains the largest collection of manuscripts by Ernesto Nazareth.

This is the first critical edition of the complete works of a Brazilian composer, and with it we hope that our authors might be increasingly more valued, with many more similar initiatives to come.


  1. Você bem Sabe
  2. O Nome dela (valsa)
  3. Gracietta
  4. Cruz, Perigo!!
  5. Gentes! O Imposto Pegou?
  6. Não Caio Noutra!!!
  7. Nome dela (polca)
  8. A Fonte do Suspiro
  9. Os teus Olhos Cativam
  10. Beija-flor (polca)
  11. Não me Fujas assim
  12. Primorosa
  13. Recordações do Passado
  14. A flor de meus sonhos
  15. A Fonte do Lambary
  16. A Bela Melusina
  17. Nazareth
  18. Chile-Brasil
  19. Atrevidinha
  20. Eulina
  21. Rayon d'Or
  22. Julita
  23. Brejeiro
  24. Cuiubinha
  25. Marietta
  26. Julieta (valsa)
  27. Nenê
  28. Caçadora
  29. Favorito
  30. Crê e Espera
  31. Myosotis
  32. Helena
  33. Pipoca
  34. Ramirinho
  35. Remando
  36. Segredo


Collection The complete works of Ernesto Nazareth - Critical edition
Repertoire 36 songs
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