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About this album

This work was conceived on the initiative of João Camarero and his colleagues from Regional Imperial, Junior Pita, Lucas Arantes and Rafael Toledo as a way to celebrate 70 years of Déo Rian.

An extraordinary mandolinist, Déo Rian had a close relationship with Jacob do Bandolim that lasted 8 years. He was one of the privileged few to get invited to the evening musical gatherings that Jacob held at his place.

About these gatherings, Deo tells us that “they were held practically every week, on Fridays or Saturdays. Radamés Gnattali, Elizeth Cardoso, the Época de Ouro Ensemble, Dino, César, Carlinhos, Jonas, and many other musicians and artists used to attend them, myself included. We would play choro and samba, Paulo Tapajós would sing some modinhas (variety of traditional urban Brazilian song), Radamés would play the piano... We were close friends from 1961 to 1969.”

This book contains twelve compositions by Déo Rian, two of them in partnership with Jacob do Bandolim, in digital audios with solos and playbacks, an insert with the respective scores in C, Bb and Eb, as well as the biography and relevance of the author to the history of Choro.

Enjoy your practice and have fun!


  1. Branquinha
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  2. Bruno no choro
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  3. Choro simples
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  4. Chorões do Bandolim de Ouro
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  5. Com dor e tudo
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  6. Déo Rian aos setenta Déo Rian & João Camarero
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  7. Lembranças de um violão
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  8. Na casa do Manoel Rigaud Jacob do Bandolim & Déo Rian
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  9. O pandeiro do Darly
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  10. O sarau do Luiz Santana
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  11. Pensando na vida
    Déo Rian (mandolin)
  12. Três amigos Jacob do Bandolim, Damásio & Déo Rian
    Déo Rian (mandolin)


Collection Others
Repertoire 12 songs
Includes Audio with 12 songs with soloists, 1 tuning track and 12 backing tracks
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭ | E♭ E♭
Level of difficulty ★★ intermediate
Size 8.3 x 11.7 in
Number of pages 94
Weight 0.80 lbs
Presentation spiral bound
ISBN 978-65-991322-1-6



“Regional Imperial”

Special guests


Producer Déo Rian
Artistic director João Camarero
Recording, mixing and mastering Estúdio Umuarama (RJ) by Ricardo Calafate
Scores João Camarero