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About this album

The music of Cartola, the greatest composer of all time from the hills of Rio de Janeiro, according to Sergio Cabral, transcends generations and is part of the history of Brazilian vocal and instrumental music.

This songbook contains the complete transcriptions of Dino 7 cordas (including all the repetitions of each part) from the historical recordings made by Cartola in the 70's. The recordings include Dino 7 cordas, Meira and Canhoto, who were the core of Benedicto Lacerda's choro ensemble. Other important names of the Brazilian choro and instrumental music are also present in the recordings: Altamiro Carrilho, Abel Ferreira, Copinha, Raul de Barros, Guinga, José Menezes, among others.

We also transcribed Altamiro Carrilho's flute, when present in the original recording (five songs in total), Copinha’s flute and Raul de Barros’ trombone in “Corra e Olhe o Céu” and Airton Barbosa’s bassoon in “Preciso me Encontrar.”

All scores also include complete melody transcriptions and associated chord figures and are available for C, B-flat and E-flat instruments.

A word about the audio files: we used the original recordings to obtain the backing tracks, but even with lots of effort put into removing Cartola's voice, the backing tracks don't have "studio quality," but they are a great tool for studying purposes. It is also a lot of fun to be able to play with Dino 7 cordas, Altamiro Carrilho and all others.

Good practice and have fun!


  1. Amor proibido Cartola
  2. As rosas não falam Cartola
  3. Corra e olhe o céu Cartola & Dalmo Castello
  4. Disfarça e chora Cartola & Dalmo Castello
  5. O mundo é um moinho Cartola
  6. O sol nascerá Cartola & Elton Medeiros
  7. Preciso me encontrar Antonio Candeia
  8. Quem me vê sorrindo Cartola & Carlos Cachaça
  9. Sala de recepção Cartola


Collection Classics of the Brazilian Samba
Repertoire 11 songs
Includes Downloadable audio files with 11 songs with soloists and 21 backing tracks. For training purposes only – not studio quality (Cartola's voice removed from original recordings).
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭ | E♭ E♭
Scores for 7-string guitar in bass clef and treble clef
Level of difficulty ★★ intermediate
Size 8.3 x 11.7 in
Number of pages 194
Weight 1.85 lbs
Presentation spiral bound
ISBN 978-85-64726-28-4


Transcriptions and score editing Daniel Dalarossa
Revisions and harmony transcriptions Italo Peron