Bonfiglio de Oliveira

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About this album

This work was developed from the CD conceived and produced by Henrique Araújo and Yves Finzetto entitled “Cordão Carnavalesco Assim é que é & Izaias do Bandolim - O Bom filho à casa torna,” and is the result of a research to recover the work of the instrumentalist and composer Bonfiglio de Oliveira (1891- 1940).

Henrique Araújo comments that “the instrumentation used in the recordings was inspired by a 1957 Pixinguinha record called “Assim é que é,” which also names our ensemble. It is a bandstand band instrumentation, typical of the Brazilian countryside cities.”

The project also had the participation of the mandolinist and composer Izaias do Bandolim, who has a vast repertoire of choros by Bonfiglio and is one of the most important choro figures.


  1. A Cézar o que é de Cézar
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  2. Estou amando
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  3. Flamengo
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  4. Gargalhada
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  5. Glória
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  6. Não posso comer sem molho
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  7. O bom filho à casa torna
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  8. Relembrando o passado
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  9. Saudades de Guará
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  10. Tudo dança
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)


Collection Others
Repertoire 10 songs
Includes Downloadable audio files with 10 songs with soloists and 10 backing tracks. It also includes the arrangements' scores for all instruments
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭ | E♭ E♭
Level of difficulty ★★ intermediate
Size 8.3 x 11.7 in
Number of pages 82
Weight 0.60 lbs
Presentation spiral bound
ISBN 978-65-991322-7-8



“Cordão carnavalesco Assim é que é”

Guest musicians

Special guests


Transcription and edition of scores Henrique Araújo
Arrangements, harmony transcription and revision Henrique Araújo
Mixing and mastering for play-along Daniel Dalarossa