Ataulfo Alves

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About this album

The series “Classics of the Brazilian samba – sing or play along!” enables you to discover the samba style through the incomparable experience of singing or performing the compositions yourself, accompanied by a samba ensemble.

Each volume of the series features a famous composer of this amazing music style, including his/her main compositions in a digitally-mastered audio CD and a high-quality printed music book with the corresponding C, Bb and Eb scores, as well as relevant texts, such as the biography of the composer.

Using the CD, listen to the complete stereo tracks (with singer or soloist) for your reference. Tune your instrument (flute, sax, clarinet or mandolin) using the tuning notes. Now have fun being the singer or soloist, using the accompaniment tracks featuring a leading samba ensemble from Brazil.

Now you can sing or play along with your own samba ensemble, which will always be there for you, whether at home, on the road, or at the beach.

Good practice and have fun!


  1. Mais amor pra você
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  2. Preto, mulato e branco
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  3. Quem é que não sente Afonso Teixeira & Ataulfo Alves
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  4. Vida da minha vida
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  5. Você não quer, nem eu
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  6. Bohemio J. Pereira, Orlando Portella & Ataulfo Alves
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  7. Calado venci Herivelto Martins & Ataulfo Alves
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  8. Não sei dar adeus Ataulfo Alves & Wilson Batista
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  9. Pela luz divina Ataulfo Alves & Mario Travassos
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  10. Talento não tem idade
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)


Collection Classics of the Brazilian Samba
Repertoire 10 songs
Includes 1 CD with 10 songs with soloists, 1 tuning track and 10 backing tracks
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭ | E♭ E♭
Level of difficulty easy
Size 9 x 12 in
Number of pages 80
Weight 0.79 lbs
Presentation saddle wire
ISBN 978-85-64726-11-6



“Regional Imperial”

Special guest

Other musicians


Musical producer Thiago Marques Luiz
Musical direction Regional Imperial
Harmony transcription Junior Pita and João Camarero
Melody transcription Daniel Dalarossa
Sound editing and mixing Pedro Romão
Mastering Rodrigo Carraro and Estúdio 185


1st edition

Some of the tunes in the printed songbook (1st edition) are indicated as “choro”, but all tunes are actually “samba”.