Ernesto Nazareth for flute and piano

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The song was dedicated to his distinct and special friend Juracy Nazareth de Araújo. The first edition of this polka, the composer’s 27th composition of the genre, was released by Casa Mozart and hadthe indication ‘very proper for serenades’.

Apanhei-te, Cavaquinho!... was one of Nazareth’s greatest hits. Since then, three versions have been trying to explain the meaning of its title: (1) an expression of the time (“Apanhei-te” or I’ve got you), which used to be applied to someone caught in an embarrassing situation; (2) how the composer would have tried to “represent” on the piano two significant instruments of the Choro ensemble: the flute (on the right hand) and the cavaquinho (on the left); and finally (3) the false explanation (already repeated in other publications) that the musician would have dedicated this polka to a certain “Mario Cavaquinho … the greatest cavaquinho player in Brazil…"

However, as confirmed by the original score, the name printed in the dedication is Juracy Nazareth, which in spite of the last name was not related to the author, at least not closely.

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