Choro meets Ragtime

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About this album

We selected ten ragtimes (five composed by Scott Joplin, its main representative), which were performed by a Choro Ensemble following the same traditional Choro swing, rhythm and harmony. For the solo we used the typical instruments used in Choro: flute, mandolin, clarinet, and sax.

Using the CD, listen to the complete stereo tracks (with soloists) for your reference. Tune your instrument (flute, sax, clarinet or mandolin) using the tuning notes. Now have fun being the soloist, using the accompaniment tracks featuring a leading Choro Ensemble from Brazil.

Now you can play along with your own "Choro Ensemble," which will always be there for you, whether at home, on the road or at the beach.

Have fun and good training!


  1. Dill Pickles Charles L. Johnson
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  2. Dusty Rag May Aufderheide
    Tatiana Mazurek (flute)
  3. Hungarian Rag Julius Lenzberg
    Nailor Proveta (clarinet)
  4. Nightingale Rag Joseph Lamb
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
  5. Ophelia James Scott
    Harvey Wainapel (clarinet)
  6. Ragtime Dance Scott Joplin
    Nailor Proveta (alto saxophone)
  7. Searchlight Rag Scott Joplin
    Izaias do Bandolim (mandolin)
  8. Spaghetti Rag Lyons & Josco
    Daniel Dalarossa (flute)
  9. The Entertainer Scott Joplin
    Harvey Wainapel (clarinet)
  10. Pine Apple Rag Scott Joplin
    Mário Sève (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)


Collection Classics of the Brazilian Choro [You are the soloist!]
Repertoire 10 songs
Includes 1 CD
Code 789.892.484.492-2



“Época de Ouro”


Arrangements and adaptations “Pine Apple Rag”: arranged for saxophones by Mário Sève; all other songs: Daniel Dalarossa
Arrangements for the choro ensemble (base music) André Bellieny, Daniel Dalarossa, Jorge Filho, Jorginho do Pandeiro, and Toni 7 Cordas
Transcription, edition, and revision of scores Tatiana Mazurek
Harmony transcription and revision Marco Bertaglia and Daniel Dalarossa
Edição, mixagem e masterização Estúdio Umuarama, by Ricardo Calafate
Recordings Estúdio Umuarama (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and Estúdio 185 (São Paulo, Brazil)