Filipe Dourado

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Biografia de Filipe Dourado

Born in 1980 in the city of São Paulo, Dourado began his musical life in 1994. He is an instrumentalist, musical producer and composer. He holds a Bachelor’s in Composition and Conducting from the Carlos Gomes College of Music (SP), and is a graduate of the Cavaquinho program at the Tatui Conservatory. He has recorded in studio and performed on TV and radio programs alongside great names such as Almir Guineto, João Macacão, Chico Saraiva, Pedro Baldanza, Verônica Ferriani, and Luizinho 7 cordas among others.

Albums featuring Filipe Dourado's participation

  1. Waldir Azevedo 1 (songbook)
  2. Waldir Azevedo 2 (songbook)