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CB♭2 CDs
13 songs★★

About this album

This songbook starts our collection dedicated to promote the composers we regard as the Brazilian instrumental music up-and-coming talents revealed over the last 10 years, among which Marquinho Mendonça stands out as a composer, instrumentalist and arranger.

Each volume of the series features a new composer, including his main compositions in a digitally-mastered audio CD and a high-quality printed music book with the corresponding C and Bb scores, as well as the biography of the author.

Using the CD, listen to the complete stereo tracks (with soloist) for your reference. Tune your instrument (flute, mandolin, clarinet, electric guitar, etc.) using the tuning notes. Now have fun being the soloist, using the accompaniment tracks.

Now you can play along accompanied by a “virtual band” that will always be there for you, whether at home, on the road, or at the beach.

Good practice and have fun!


  1. Batuque Chorado
    Osvaldinho da Cuíca (cuíca), Guelo (reco, ganzá), Magnu Sousa (pandeiro), Ivison Pessoa (surdo, tamborim, repique), Luizinho 7 Cordas (7-string guitar), Nailor Proveta (saxophone), Toninho Carrasqueira (flute, piccolo), Gil (trumpet), Wilson Dias (euphonium), Sidney Borgani (trombone) and Marquinho Mendonça (6-string guitar, cavaquinho)
  2. Joãozinho na Seresta
    Adriano Busko (drums), Zeli (electric bass), Nailor Proveta (clarinet, saxophone), Cacá Malaquias (clarinet), Daniel Allain (flute), Jorginho Cebion (ganzá) and Marquinho Mendonça (6-string guitar, cavaquinho, electric guitar effects)
  3. Jurubebaião
    Guelo (zabumba, congas, triangle, pandeiro), Tomas Rohrer (fiddle), Gabriel Levy (accordion), César Peixinho (xequerê), Ricardo Finazzi (electric bass) and Marquinho Mendonça (6-string guitar, 12-string guitar, cavaquinho)
  4. Chorim
    Marquinho Mendonça (6-string guitar, cavaquinho), Paulinho Ramos (7-string guitar), Ildo (cavaquinho), Ricardo Valverde (pandeiro, afoxé), Gabriel Levy (accordion), Zé Menezes (tenor guitar) and Nailor Proveta (clarinet)
  5. Pétalas
    Edu Ribeiro (drums), Sizão Machado (electric bass), Marcos Xuxa Levy (keyboard), Renato Braz (voice), Pixú Flores (talking drum, triangle, caxixi), Daniel Allain (flute) and Marquinho Mendonça (6-string guitar, electric guitar)
  6. Alvorecer
    Marquinho Mendonça (electric guitar), Edu Ribeiro (drums), Sizão Machado (electric bass), Lucas Vargas (harmonium), Thomas Howard (6-string guitar), João Poleto (flute) and Nailor Proveta (alto saxophone)
  7. Cajueiro
    Marquinho Mendonça (mandolin, 6-string guitar, percussion effects), Emílio Martins (drums), Gerson da Conceição (electric bass), Oswaldinho do Acordeon (accordion), Renato Anesi (viola caipira), Douglas Alonso (pandeiro) and Zezinho Pitoco (zabumba, triangle)
  8. Tempo Templo
    Edu Ribeiro (drums), Zeli (electric bass), Marquinho Romera (keyboard), Douglas Alonso (tamborim, ganzá), Osvaldinho da Cuíca (cuíca) and Marquinho Mendonça (6-string guitar, electric guitar)
  9. Baiando
    Marquinho Mendonça (electric guitar, cavaquinho, percussion effects), Edu Ribeiro (drums), Sizão Machado (electric bass), Renato Anesi (viola caipira), Toninho Carrasqueira (flute), Olivinho (accordion) and Douglas Alonso (caxixi, triangle)
  10. El Cabong
    Marquinho Mendonça (mandolin), Renato Anesi (viola caipira), Thomas Howard (6-string guitar), Gerson da Conceição (electric bass), Dinho Nascimento (congas, cowbell), João Nascimento (xequerê), Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet) and Emílio Martins (bass drum)
  11. Caminhos
    Marquinho Mendonça (electric guitar), Edu Ribeiro (drums), Sizão Machado (electric bass), Lucas Vargas (Rhodes keyboard, harmonium), Rubinho Antunes (Flügelhorn) and Pepe (bongô)
  12. Recomeço
    Marquinho Mendonça (electric guitar, 6-string guitar), Edu Ribeiro (drums), Sizão Machado (electric bass), Lucas Vargas (Rhodes keyboard), Nailor Proveta (soprano saxophone), Daniel Allain (flute) and Filó Machado (voice)
  13. Aos Ventos
    Edu Ribeiro (drums), Sizão Machado (electric bass), Juliano Beccari (keyboard), Renato Braz (voice), Guelo (congas), Dinho Nascimento (berimbau), Toninho Ferragutti (accordion), Toninho Carrasqueira (flute) and Marquinho Mendonça (6-string guitar, 12-string guitar, electric guitar, caxixi, percussion effects)


Collection New talented composers of the Brazilian instrumental music [You are the soloist!]
Repertoire 13 songs
Includes 2 CDs with 13 songs with soloists, 1 tuning track and 13 backing tracks
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭
Level of difficulty ★★ intermediate
Size 9 x 12 in
Number of pages 70
Weight 1.08 lbs
Presentation spiral bound
ISBN 978-0-9816691-9-9



Arrangements Marquinho Mendonça
Arrangement for wind instruments in “Batuque Chorado” Nailor “Proveta” Azevedo
Arrangement for wind instruments in “Joãozinho na Seresta” Laércio de Freitas
Transcription, edition and revision of scores Kajla Toledo and Tatiana Mazurek
Revision Marquinho Mendonça and Daniel Dalarossa
Recordings Estúdio 185, by Beto Mendonça, Fabio Marins, Aleandro Lupia, and Lindenberg
Additional recordings Carlos Akamine and Botinha
Mixing Fabio Marins, Beto Mendonça, and Shina
Mastering Homero Lotito and Beto Mendonça