Juventino Maciel

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Music scores only, no CD or mp3 included.

"Joventino Maciel, mandolin player and lathe operator. (b. 5-3-1926 - Campos, RJ) Unpublished. The inspiration and talent of this instrumentalist is admirable. He composes with extreme ease as I'll prove in future recordings."

That was the way Jacob do Bandolim referred to Juventino Maciel on the back cover of his landmark LP Vibrações (Vibrations), for which he recorded the choro "Cadência." Even today, Juventino's work remains largely unexplored. Roughly 200 compositions spanning choros, waltzes, mazurkas and schottisches have yet to be published, but now, thanks to Global Choro Music, 22 choros and waltzes music scores, containing detailed numbered chords, are available for instruments in C and Bb.

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  1. Acariciando
  2. Alteza
  3. Amargo amor
  4. Bem-vindo
  5. Cadência
  6. Dileto
  7. Evocação
  8. Fim de festa
  9. Gracioso
  10. Inesquecível
  11. Inspiração
  12. Ioiô
  13. Jogo de cintura
  14. Mexeriqueiro
  15. Mosaico
  16. Noturno
  17. O último chorão
  18. Pedrinha no sapato
  19. Pensando em você
  20. Prelúdio
  21. Recordando
  22. Sonho colorido


Collection Others
Repertoire 22 songs
Scores for C C | B♭ B♭
Level of difficulty ★★ intermediate
ISBN 978-85-64726-19-2