Ataulpho Alves Júnior & Regional Imperial: Mais amor pra você

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About this album

Displaying unique attributes, Ataulpho Alves Junior inherited his father's tradition and uses his singing and music to show a new style of interpretation, without losing his virtues of Brazilian singer.

As a singer, Alves Junior is uncommitted with the market trends and thrives to show the best of the Brazilian music by displaying diversity in his repertoire. He is a versatile interpreter, presenting in each music an element of his talent, and without making concessions, slowly walks not to the immediate success, but to the professional prestige, that crystalizes and dignifies the life of the true artist.

Following the same formation and inspiration of the major choro ensembles in the history of Brazilian popular music, the Imperial Regional emerges with the proposal to continue spreading this type of accompaniment, so traditional and so noble. Thus, making use of traditional instrumentation, the group consists of John Camarero (7-string guitar), Junior Pita (guitar), Lucas Arantes (cavaco) and Rafael Toledo (pandeiro). The ensemble was named Regional Imperial (“Imperial Regional”) to strengthen the inherent nobility of the choro ensembles of the past, aspect that the group makes a point to honor. Unattached to conservatisms and also free from false modernization, Regional Imperial seeks a sound that, backed by tradition, can also be original with its own interpretations. The proposal of not having a fixed soloist increases the possibilities of the ensemble, serving as a foundation for several guest artists.


  1. Mais amor pra você
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  2. Preto, mulato e branco
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  3. Quem é que não sente Afonso Teixeira & Ataulfo Alves
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  4. Vida da minha vida
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  5. Você não quer, nem eu
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  6. Bohemio J. Pereira, Orlando Portella & Ataulfo Alves
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  7. Calado venci Herivelto Martins & Ataulfo Alves
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  8. Não sei dar adeus Ataulfo Alves & Wilson Batista
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  9. Pela luz divina Ataulfo Alves & Mario Travassos
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)
  10. Talento não tem idade
    Ataulpho Alves Júnior (voice)


Collection Others
Repertoire 10 songs
Includes 1 CD
Code 789.006.014.507-9



“Regional Imperial”

Special guest

Other musicians


Produced by Thiago Marques Luiz
Music Director Regional Imperial
Phonographic production Choro Music
Mixing Pedro Romão
Mastering Rodrigo Carraro & Studio 185

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