Born in 1956, in Franca, São Paulo.

A guitarist, singer and composer, Mr. Santos began his musical activities in 1971 under Professor Vicente Paula Rosa de Sousa, with musical theory taught him by Professor Raul Pereira Gilberto. In 1978, he graduated with a degree in guitar performance.

He studied Classical Guitar (guitar technique and interpretation) under Prof. Henrique Pinto and Abel Calervaro, and Popular Brazilian Music with Paulinho Nogueira.

He participated in several international guitar seminars, including the one held by Faculdade de Música Palestrina (Porto Alegre), where he was an assistant to Maestro Angelo Girollet. He worked as a music professor at Faculdade de Arte Paulista and also at the Guitar Seminar put together by São Paulo’s Faculdade Mozarteum.

Together with Paulinho Nogueira, he was a participant in the ‘Tons e Semitons’ (Tones and Semitones) Project, which was launched in São Paulo in 1986, and in the United States in 1999.

Hundreds of songs and musical pieces are included in his many compositions, a few of which are still unpublished. Others have already been published by Editora Ricordi.

Thanks to his great talent, and to all the knowledge acquired in the ten years he worked with Henrique Pinto – one of the greatest masters in classical guitar in Latin America – Luis Carlos Santos has been frequently invited to perform in recitals in several Brazilian cities throughout his career. Among the public appearances that have marked his musical career, those held at the following venues stand out prominently: MASP (São Paulo); Gran Hotel Tarraza (Assunción, Paraguay); Teatro Municipal, Franca, SP (with Paulino Nogueira, Sebastião Tapajós, Aldy Carvalho, Vado Matos and Renato Teixeira); TV Record’s “São Paulo a Tarde” Show; TV Bandeirantes’ “Dia a Dia” Show; Mário de Andrade Library and Casa Mário de Andrade, SP (solo show and recitals honoring Mário de Andrade and Cora Coralina, with the participation of Hilton Viana and Eli Camargo; the 150 Night Club at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel, SP (where the ‘Tons e Semitons’ Project was launched, together with Paulinho Nogueira’s album); the São Paulo Cultural Ce
nter; Parque da Luz and Parque Ibirapuera (two popular parks in São Paulo).

He participated as a member of the jury in several festivals of popular Brazilian music, and did some production work for Geraldo Azevedo, Paulinho Nogueira, Dulce Auriemo and Aldy Carvalho, and also for Angela Muner as part of the Pixinguinha Project (Rio de Janeiro).

He is currently active as a musical arranger, composer, singer and guitarist for the ‘Feito a Mão Arte’ group, a musical band rooted in his native town of Franca, which can genuinely be said to have been “handmade” (translation of the group’s original name “Feito a Mão), in view of the way it has been painstakingly put together and cared for by its members, Vado Matos, Neto and Luis Carlos, a fact easily proven when one sees the quality of their CD “Recomeçar” (Start Again).

With his enviable didactics – a result of his thorough musical training and vast experience as a guitar teacher –he is able to do a high-caliber job of managing the training of guitarists at the ‘Villa-Lobos Centro Violonistico’ in Franca.


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